LONGHORN American - Italian Diner
LONGHORNAmerican - Italian Diner
Chef Rudi & Otello

Longhorn Italian-American Diner is officially open for buisness in the heart of Crofton Park. 


The culmination of hard work & planning is finally here and we are offering mouth-watering American - Italian dishes that will stimulate your tastebuds and make all of your senses come to life.


Rodolfo the Head Chef here at Longhorn began his journey at the age of 14 by becoming a Sous Chef at his Uncle's restaurant in the heart of Italy and has never looked back since.


Over the years he has always remained in the Hospitality trade and was the proud and sucessful owner of Rudi's Bar for over 16 years in Central London catering for the general public on a daily basis, not to mention the crew at ITV News.


In those 16 years Rudi had built a strong reputation serving the best food avaliable and had a long standing relationship with his customers who came on a daily basis to satisfy their need for his unique style and twist on cooking as well as his home made sauces made to perfection and perfect on the palate, Rudi even had his home made sauces sold in Tesco's & Sainsbury's.


It was whilst at Rudi's Bar where he met Otello.


For over 7 years, Otello came to Rudi's Bar on a daily basis just like every other person to walk through the door and sample Rudi's home cooking, once he had a taste he was hooked by the horns.


Over the years they became friends and have been inseparable since.


Similar to Rudi, Otello has a long history in the Hospitality buisness, at the age of 13 he started working in a restuarant in Aprilia, Italy.


At the age of 17 he started working in the family buisness dealing with aspects of the deli, bar and the restaurant along-side his father, brother and sister.


Over the years he has remained in the Hospitality sector working in 4-5 star restaurants as well as in Westminster for Parliament.


Otello took a break from Hospitatlity to try new ventures and he started working in Maintenance for ITV which set the course for him to meet Rudi and started the pathway to where they are today.


After sampling Rudi's home cooking over the years and becoming friends, the two of them started to talk, the talk grew into an idea and the idea developed and grew into what is now known as Longhorn American-Italian Diner.


Otello knew deep down his roots and heart were in the Hospitality sector and there's nothing Chef Rudi knows better than food !! 


The combination of both their experience and ideas has finally came to light and we welcome anybody to come and grab their hunger by the horns here at Longhorn in Crofton Park.



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